Sunday, July 17, 2016

Front End HTA

It's been a while and over the last year I have been considering how to take this Blog forward, expand the range of topics and nature of the blog in general. 

To that effect I have decided to change the name to better represent the more generalist nature of the blog. Going forward Blass IT will provide general automation assistance in addition to great deployment solutions.

Recently at a client, it was put to me wow this is great UDI that Microsoft has provided us however wouldn't it be nice if it could handle User authentication. Thats when I put on my scripting hat a gave it some thought and came up with this front end. 

As you can see the Front End is quit simple the user enters in his or her user name in the following format <Domain.FQDN>\<UserName. Assuming the user name is authorized against the Domain both the user name status and the Security Groups associated with which are translated into Task Sequence Variables.



At lines 309 and 349 a Security Group name may be entered for the HTA to search for in or to validate access. 

As usual this Front End is being released free under the GPL license version 3 or later at your discretion. 

The Front End is downloadable from the following link. Over the next couple of weeks we will be announcing our new web site as well. Finally as always I look foward to hearing from you comments, questions or even requests are always welcome.