Monday, July 14, 2014

Managing Multiple MDT Servers

Although MDT is meant for small to midsize business it is capable of providing Enterprise level solutions, one of which is maintaining unity between multiple site deployment. As well as allowing each of these sites to be managed by a single console.

Recently I got asked by a client is it possible for me to build another deployment share at a different site via LAN based replication. After a moments thought I said sure and today I will be demonstrate how the easy way.


1.     Any Computer with any Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 or better unless you require PXE in which case I firmly recommend Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 or better
2.     Depending on your Operating System Deployment needs between 2-8 GB RAM (I recommend 8 GB)
3.     Two hard disks one for the operating system and applications, the second for the Deployment Share.
4.     A Network connection to the same network where your existing deployment server exists
5.     Access to the DHCP
For the sake of this blog I have already installed another server on my network and installed the following applications...


1.     Microsoft Assesment and Deployment Toolkit 8.1
2.     Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2013


1.     Windows Deployment Server
2.     DHCP
3.     DNS

Preparing the Destination Server

1.     Join the Destination Server to the domain (It must be a member of the domain in order to use DNS and WDS
2.     Assign it a static IP Address
3.     Add an IP Helper for the appropriate segment.
4.     Create a new folder on the your secondary drive called Deployment Share
5.     Right Click on the Folder and Choose Properties 

6.     On the Share tab click on the Advanced Sharing button 

7.     Check the Check Box for Share this folder and add a Dollar sign to your share name to make it hidden 

8.     Click on the Permissions button
9.     Click on Add 

10. Enter Domain Admins and click on check names 

11. Add Full Control for Domain Admins and click Apply 

Plan for the Replication

On your Destination Server:


  1. Open the Microsoft Deployment Toolset Console 

  1. 2.       Navigate to the Advanced Configuration Node 

  1. 3.       Choose the Linked Deployment Shares Node 

  1. 4.       Right Click on the Linked Deployment Share and Choose New Linked Deployment Share 

  1. 5.       Enter either the IP address or the FQDN of your server and your full Deployment Share Name and click Next 

  1. 6.       Click Next 

  1. 7.       Click Finish 

  1. 8.       On your newly created Linked Deployment Share right click and choose Replicate Content 

  1. 9.       When the replication has completed click Finish to close the window 

Congratulations you should now have successfully replicated the content of your Deployment Share!

As usual I welcome and encourage any comments or questions.


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